Detroit Red Wings 2008 Mid-Season Recap

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Recap – The Detroit Red Wings have been the most dominant team in the NHL, period. Good hockey teams have both the ability to beat you with their offensive and defense. The Redwings can do both, and beat you in other ways as well. Both of their goaltenders are former NHL All-Stars in Dominik Hasek and Chris Osgood. The two have been splitting time which creates not only a competitive edge between the two, but allows for them to rest up in between starts. Offensively, they have star after star in their lineup. Left wingman Henrik Zetterberg currently leads the team in total points with 61 but center Pavel Datsyuk is right behind him with 57 total points. The best way to describe this team is not only good, but really good.

2nd Half – This team has so many weapons that it is just too hard to see them finishing anywhere else but first in the Western Conference. With the closest follower in the standing 15 points away, it looks like a runaway to the Stanley Cup Championship. The only way they will lose is if we see a modern say David vs. Goliath story unfold.

Team Name: Detriot Redwings (36-10-4)

Central Division Standing: 1st place

Conference Standing: 1st place

Final Predictions – 1st in Central Division, 1st in Western Conference


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