Leonard Cohen to Play First US Show in 15 Years

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Canadian folk legend Leonard Cohen will play his first show in the United States in 15 years this February. After his manager Kelley Lynch allegedly defrauded him of over $6 million, Cohen was forced to go back on the road to make a living. The poet-writer-musician and writer of the immensely popular song “Hallelujah” (which has been covered by every artist from Jeff Buckley to American Idol contestants) has been making a number of appearances to build back up a retirement fund. “Almost everything I had was gone … It produced a sense of urgency” Cohen told Canadian Press.  Cohen will be releasing a number of works in the near future, and is quickening his usually slow pace of work. “What it did was not so much influence the writing itself — most of the writing was done. What it did do was promote a kind of swiftness in gathering the material together and presenting it. Usually I’d let things sit around for a few more years, so for better or for worse, they haven’t matured for that long.”

Leonard Cohen will appear at the Beacon Theatre in New York on February 19th, 2009. Leonard Cohen tickets are available now!


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