Super Bowl XLIV Preview

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Super Bowl XLIV will host the 16-2 Indianapolis Colts and 15-3 New Orleans Saints at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL Sunday, February 7th at 6 PM ET. Peyton Manning was able to lead his Colts past the New York Jets with ease compared to the way New Orleans willed themselves over the Minnesota Vikings at home.

Historically at least one of the top two organizations will fall at some point in the earlier rounds. The 2010 NFL playoffs will feature the two premier teams who have stayed consistent since week 1, further emphasizing the recent success of the passing game over all other strategies.

Both Indianapolis and New Orleans racked up a total of 4,350+ yards passing through 16 games. The Saints have shown a more balanced attack with the run game supplied by Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell and Reggie Bush. The Colts haven’t showcased any sort of rushing dominance, but Manning and Co. can certainly cover ground to make up for any other flaws. The four-time MVP will look to solidify his quarterback legacy with a second Super Bowl title in four years.

Saints QB Drew Brees won’t back down without a fight as he tries to bring the city of New Orleans their first Lombardi trophy in franchise history. “It was as loud as I have ever heard it in the dome,” said Brees after edging the Vikings in OT. “It feels so good to know we have given our fans an NFC championship. We have another championship to go after in two weeks.” Purchase your Super Bowl XLIV tickets right here with us at Ace!


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