Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at Boston Opera House

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The Broadway production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be running at the Boston Opera House for eight shows starting Tuesday, May 29th. The musical is currently at the Keller Auditorium in Portland, OR. Other cities on its tour schedule include Pittsburgh, Detroit, Hershey and Washington DC.

Beauty and the Beast is a love story for the ages, combining humor and romance, in a tale that defines the notion that love can come in all shapes and sizes. Disney’s Academy-Award nominated film for Best Picture has been adapted for the stage in this lavish, live-action production.

All of the beloved characters from the animated feature perform memorable songs, such as “Be Our Guest” and the delicate title song “Beauty and the Beast.” As the animated Disney adaptation would suggest, the content of this show is relatively G-rated.

The key word that describes this production is “spectacle.” Lighting, costumes, set design, pyrotechnics, and other production aspects are all intended to give it the grandeur those familiar with the Disney film will identify with. Contact Ace with all Beauty and the Beast ticket needs and stay tuned for additional theatre updates!

Beauty and the Beast preview – “Be Our Guest”


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