Sochi Medal Results

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Every two years brings about some of the most exciting and inspirational athletic competition around the world. But it has been four years since we’ve seen the Winter edition of the Olympic games, and this year in Sochi has already stirred up much attention. Since the Opening Ceremony this past Saturday, many medals have been awarded to various countries of various events. Here is what you have missed! Leading the Medals Race is Team Canada with a total of 5 medals. Two gold medals came from year old Justine Dufour-Lapointe in Freestyle Skiing and the other from Charles Hamelin in Short Track. Justine’s sister, Chloe Dufour-Lapointe also received a silver medal for Canada in Freestyle Skiing. The two sisters greatly impacting Canada’s first place ranking thus far in the games. Patrick Chan from Canada received a silver medal in Figure Skating, and a bronze medal was awarded to Mark McMorris in Snowboarding.

Next in the Olympic Standing is Team Norway with a total of 7 Olympic medals. Two gold, one silver, and four bronze puts Norway behind Canada. Their gold medals were awarded to Marit Bjoergen in Cross-Country Skiing who won the Ladies’ Skiathlon (7.5 km Classic + 7.5 km Free). The second gold medal was awarded to Ole Einar Bjoerndalen in the Biathlon, and he also tied a Winter Olympics record with his 12th medal. Their only silver medal was in Snowboarding, which was won by Staale Sandbech in the Men’s Slopestyle. Four bronze medals were won by Anders Bardal in Ski Jumping, Kjetil Jansrud in Alpine Skiing, and two in Cross-Country by Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Heidi Weng.

In third place overall is the Netherlands. Their strong suit is definitely in Speed Skating where they have received all four of their Olympic medals thus far. In the Men’s 5000 m, Sven Kramer won the gold in 6:10:76, and also beat his own previous Olympic record. Irene Wust won a gold in the Ladies’ 3000 m with a time of 4:00:34. Jan Blokhuijsen won the silver medal in the Men’s 5000 m, and Jorrit Bergsma also won a bronze medal in the Men’s 5000 m.

Team USA is raking in medals in Sochi as well. Yesterday Jamie Anderson took home the gold with a stellar performance in the Ladies’ Slopestyle in Snowboarding with a score of 95.25. Also in Snowboarding, Sage Kotsenburg brought home a gold medal in the Men’s Slopestyle with a score of 93.50. Team USA also received three bronze medals so far in Alpine Skiing by Julia Mancuso, in Freestyle Skiing by Hannah Kearney, and Team USA brought home a bronze in Figure Skating.

One thing for sure is that anything can happen in the Winter Olympic Games! These first few days have seen record-breaking results as well as some surprising gold medalists. Nonetheless, there is so much more to be seen in Sochi during these next few weeks ahead!

Go Team USA!



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