Bryant Named Player of the Decade

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Kobe Bryant was awarded NBA Player of the Decade during yesterday’s All-Star festivities. The longtime Los Angeles franchise player has won a total of four NBA Championships since joining the league in 1996. So far this season Bryant has averaged 28 points and five assists per game, leading his squad to a 41-13 regular season record. The Lakers all-time leading scorer is currently sidelined, but expects to return from minor injury within the next couple of days.

“This year meant a lot. We won a championship,” said Bryant. “It was satisfying, very satisfying, because we put in a lot of time and effort to fix things and get better. It’s a great memory. I feel that we just had such a great team, such a fun team, from our chemistry to the way we executed. We went through some years and years of frustration to get to that point.” Kobe hopes to be rested and ready to go for the Lakers upcoming home games this week against the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics.


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