Clippers Stun Celtics

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Zach Randolph helped the Clippers with 30 points and 12 boards to come away with a win against the Boston Celtics 93-91 last night at the Staples Center.  Baron Davis and Marcus Camby also had big nights, scoring 16 and 14 points and combining for 18 rebounds.  Boston lead LA at the end of the first half 50-46, but the Clippers were in control from there.  They were able to win the 3rd and 4th quarter both by three points to hold off the heavily favored Celtics.

The Clippers haven’t been able to create much success this season, and they have been waiting for something like last night to get them going.  “It was one of those games that you cherish,” said Clippers  guard Baron Davis.  “It’s a good start getting everyone healthy.  That’s going to help us be a threat as the end of the season approaches.”

As the Clippers are on the upside of their injury troubles, Boston is struggling more than ever.  Brian Scalabrine and Kevin Garnett were already out with injuries for the game, and Paul Pierce dislocated his right thumb in the third and fourth quarter.  Although he played through the pain, he missed the go ahead shot for Boston with 20 seconds remaining.  “It seems like someone is going down every week,” said Pierce.  “The most important thing right now is just to battle through it and try to get healthy.”

The Celtics will finally be coming back to Boston for their next game against the Indiana Pacers on February 27th.  They have currently been  talking to Stephon Marbury with hopes that he will fill the roster.   The team agrees that they will be more than happy to have him if he can be open to team ball and stay on his best behavior.

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