Giants Give Coughlin Extension, Raise

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After leading the New York Giants to the upset Super Bowl Championship victory less then one month ago, Tom Coughlin has been sitting on top of the world. With his new contract extension unofficially announced, soon Coughlin will be sitting on top of a pile of cash.

The Giants announced that over the next four seasons Coughlin will make $21 million dollars, which moves him into the upper tier of the NFL’s highest paid coaches. Only Mike Holmgren of the Seattle Seahawks will earn more then him next year ($8 million). Even Patriots head coach Bill Belichick who reportedly makes $4.2 million, will be earning less then Coughlin.

The deal is close to being signed, with both ends working on minor paperwork to complete the legal aspects of the contract. If the contract is signed, this will be a drastic change for Coughlin from this time last year when job security was not something he was fortunate enough to have. Many NY reporters felt that if Coughlin could not produce a playoff caliber team in ’07 that he would not be resigned by the club.

Looks like Coughlin has nothing to worry about now except if he wants $50’s or $100’s.


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