Sublime Reunite With New Singer

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Unfortunately, Long Beach, CA band Sublime didn’t find mainstream success until after lead singer/songwriter Bradley Nowell died of a heroin overdose in 1996. Though drummer Bug Gaugh and bassist Eric Wilson would form Long Beach Dub Allstars with members of the band’s extended family, they never attempted a “proper” sort of reunion. After a small show featuring Gaugh’s new band, Del Mar, he took the stage with Wilson and a singer known only as “Rome”. The trio played a set of Sublime classics, as well as a new song to an enthusiastic crowd.

Del Mar’s MySpace page confirms the reunion and adds to speculation of a full tour: “we’re ******* stoked for Bud, Eric and Rome … Bud’s still playing with Del Mar, and Sublime doesn’t have any firm tour plans or anything YET, but we’ll keep you posted on their progress.”

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