Big Ben to Make The Big Bucks With Steelers

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Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger signed an eight-year contract extension that is worth $102 million dollars. That figure puts him in the category of the leagues highest paid players. This deal comes after Roethlisberger re-established himself as one of the best and brightest young quarterbacks in the game last season.

Some look at this signing as a great comeback for Big Ben because two years ago he was in a very bad motorcycle accident that many thought would hinder his on field playing abilities.

With $36 million dollars of the contract guaranteed, it is by far the largest contract the Steelers organization has drawn up in their 76-years of football. The signing bonus of this deal is worth $25 million alone, not bad for a guy who they weren’t sure if he’d be able to play again.

“I told them I didn’t want to go anywhere the day I walked in (as a rookie in 2004),” Roethlisberger said Monday in a Pittsburgh paper. “I love Pittsburgh, I love the fans. Got probably the best organization and fans in all of sport. I don’t want to go anywhere.”

Don’t worry Ben, you’re going to get your wish and will be seeing a lot more of Pittsburgh, PA over the next eight years.


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