Sublime with Rome 2010 Tour

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Sublime members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson are ready to reunite with a handful of U.S. tour dates 14-years after the tragic death of original frontman Bradley Nowell. The veteran rockers will bring in 21-year old California native “Rome” to fill in and pay tribute to Bradley as lead singer. Sublime with Rome is set to revamp at the Hollywood Palladium on Tuesday, April 20th.

“This tour will be full of surprises,” said Gaugh. “Sublime has never used a set list. We will be performing songs off every album and will mix it up from show to show, never delivering the same set twice. We’ve also been working on some new material and have put together a couple of songs with Rome. We’re excited to introduce them, and Rome, to all our fans.”

Sublime is recognized as one of the most successful ska-punk bands ever, selling a total of 17 million albums worldwide. Don’t miss your chance to catch Sublime with Rome when they arrive in your area! Tickets are now available!


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