Chicago and The Doobie Brothers Reveal 2012 Concert Dates

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Legendary rock bands Chicago and The Doobie Brothers announced a new tour together on February 27. In the press release, it stated that the bands will come together on the summer stage to perform classic hits from each band, separately then together in the finale.

Chicago got its start in 1967 with their debut album, The Chicago Transit Authority. Behind the Beach Boys, the band is second in most Billboard singles and albums on the charts with 21 top ten hits and five #1 albums. With 22 studio albums, three live albums, and ten compilation albums, they released their most recent in 2011, Chicago XXXIV: Live in ’75. That year they played at Red Rocks in Colorado with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Their last tour in 2010 was also with The Doobie Brothers.

The Doobie Brothers formed in 1970 and released and released their self-titled debut album a year later. With a total of 13 studio albums, four live albums, and eight compilation albums, they released their latest studio album, World Gone Crazy, in 2010 and their most recent album, Live at the Greek Theatre 1982, in 2011. Eight of their albums have been in the top ten U.S. charts and they have had 27 Hot 100 singles on the U.S. Billboard charts. After disassembling in 1982, the band reunited in 1987 and have been playing ever since. They have toured performing at benefit concerts for the past few years. Most recently, they lost drummer Mike Hossack to cancer.

Fans of one or both of the bands are in for great performances as they will get to see old favorites live. The tour kicks off July 11, 2012 in Tucson, AZ and will continue on throughout the summer across the U.S.


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