Bruce Springsteen Extends 2008 Tour

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A Bruce Springsteen show is not like any other concert you’ve been to, it’s an experience. For decades crowds have packed arenas, stadiums, parks and venues to see the Boss live and no matter what they might have paid for their tickets, always come away satisfied with the performance. Bruce Springsteen always puts together an amazing set that goes well into the night and unlike many other entertainers, there is never a time limit to a show with “The Boss”.

Springsteen’s current 2008 tour features 54 shows in 44 cities and 14 countries. The man will travel the globe to make sure all of his fans get a taste of his music. On average, a Bruce show will showcase 23-26 of his songs and last around 3 to 3 ½ hours long. He will mix in new music with classic favorites such as The Promised Land and Reason to Believe. During this current tour, Springsteen has ended each show with the widely popular hit song American Land.

The Boss will continue to tour in North America for the month of April before he journeys overseas in late May to resume the tour in Europe. Springsteen’s tour will head back to North America in July for three shows at Giants Stadium and one show at Gillette Stadium.

If you’ve been to a Springsteen show, you know that the first thought after its over is always, when is his next one? Hopefully for his fans, the Boss continues to tour for a very long time because he is truly one of the most entertaining performers of this generation.

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