Fenway Park Seating Descriptions for Red Sox Games

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The atmosphere while sitting in the Bleachers at Fenway Park is like that of no other ballpark in Major League Baseball.

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Fenway Park Seating Descriptions:

BLEACHER SEATS (Section 35 – 43) – Although your seats are the furthest away from the action – Fenway is one of the smallest parks in baseball so this is not a bad thing – the energy and excitement of fans around you makes your game experience unforgettable. Sections 35-38 of the Bleachers are in center field and angel in towards the first-base line. These are the sections that normally start the wave. Sections 39-43 are located behind the bullpens in right-field and if you’re in rows 1-25 you’re in homerun territory for left handed sluggers.

RF GRANDSTANDS (Section 1 – 10) – The RF Grandstands provide fans with many different angles of the game, depending which section you are in. Section 1 is closest to the Bleachers and bullpens, and you are viewing the game from right down the right field line. Seats in section 10 are facing out towards the historic Green Monster wall in left. These sections curl around the contour of “the belly” of the ballpark, which is the funny dimension of the right field corner from “Pesky’s Pole” all the way around to the bullpen. These seats are also covered by the upper level seating sections so you are in the shade, or protected from any possible inclement weather.

INFIELD GRANDSTANDS (Section 11 – 31) The Infield Grandstands, like the RF Grandstands, are protected from any possible stormy weather by the seating sections located one level above. Sections 11-17 are on the first base line and look out onto the infield with the Green Monster as the backdrop. Sections 18-23 are considered to be located behind home plate and are prime seats with vendors and restrooms located at the top of these sections. Sections 24-31 extend down the third-base line and look out more towards right-field but still allow fans for a great view of the game.

LF GRANDSTANDS (Sections 32- 33) The last two sections before the Green Monster, the LF Grandstands are fun seats to be in because right handed pull hitters lace a lot of foul balls into these seats. These two sections are also the alcohol free seating locations where family’s can watch the game and not worry about any alcohol being around them during the action.

GREEN MONSTER SEATS (M1-M10) The Green Monster Seats were added to Fenway in 2003 and have become some of the hottest tickets in professional baseball. This unique perspective gives fans a chance to watch the game from right on top of the field, literally! The first row of the GMS is right on top of the wall itself, 37 ft 2in off the field. If you’re lucky to land these tickets make sure to bring your glove because with your monster ticket you are allowed to come early and watch batting practice from you seat. Homeruns are hit up there often during the BP session, so not only do fans get the great view; some get a free souvenir to take home as well. Private concession stands and restrooms are available to Monster ticketing patrons, so the lines are never long and the wait is very short.

(BUDWEISER) RIGHT FIELD ROOF DECK – These seats are located above Grandstands sections 1-4. Your seats are at a table overlooking the field. There are approximately 55 tables in this section, in three rows. The view from this section is amazing, and one of the best in the ballpark. When you buy a table up in the RFRD, $100 dollars worth of food or beverages is included with the price of your table. There is wait staff service throughout the game and private restrooms for only those in the section.

LOGE BOX SEATS – The Loge Box seats are located below the Grandstand seats and behind the Field Box seating sections. They extend from the Green Monster wall in left field all the way around to the Bleachers in right field. Many consider Loge Box Seats some of their favorites in the park because you are very close to the action, with a great perspective of the field from the lower level. These seats are in front of the poles at Fenway so they are not obstructed in any way.

RIGHT FIELD BOX SEATS – These seats are located on the lower level in the right field corner, close to the “Pesky Pole.” They are angled with the shape of the wall and are in homerun territory for left hand hitters. These seats have easy access to the Big Concourse area located underneath the Bleachers for food, beverages and rest room accessibility.

FIELD BOX SEATS – The Field Box seats are the closest seats in Fenway Park to the playing field. They are located below the Loge Box seats and extend right down to the warning track level. When sitting in these seats it is a good idea to be attentively watching the game because foul balls are hit to these sections on the first and third base lines on a regular basis. The Field Box seats behind home plate are protected by a screen from foul balls.

STATE STREET PAVILION BOX/CLUB SEATS – These are the newest seats added in Fenway. They are located along the third and first base lines, on the top level of the stadium above the luxury boxes. The level is broken into two sections, each with a different name. The upper half is called the State Street Pavilion Box Seats. They look down onto the infield and are very comfortable seats. There are restrooms and concession stands behind these seats available for fans. The lower half of these seats is called the State Street Pavilion Club. These seats are a little closer to the playing field, still looking down on the action. The main difference in these seats is with your ticket, you have access to the actual State Street Pavilion Club, which is located on the same level, behind home plate. The Club is located indoors, and is a restaurant with a full service bar, buffet, rest rooms and wait staff. Any food or beverage purchased in this club is put on a separate tab.

EMC CLUB – The EMC Club is located above the Grandstand seats, directly behind home plate. This area has outdoor cushioned seating that is heated in cold weather with the club available to ticket holders throughout the game. The club itself is a sit down style restaurant with a full menu of delicious choices. Reservations are required to eat in this restaurant and you do need an EMC game ticket to have the access. During the game, the EMC is the home to the 2004 World Series trophy, and presumably the 2007 World Series trophy as well.

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