Ortiz Curse Jersey Sells for $175,100 in Charity Auction

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Two weeks after a David Ortiz Red Sox jersey was removed from two feet of concrete at the site of the new Yankee Stadium, it sold on eBay in a charity auction for the Jimmy Fund for $175,100 dollars. The jersey had been buried by Turner Construction worker Gino Castignoli, in hopes that by planting the uniform he would be cursing the Yankees new home.

The highest bid came from Kevin Meehan, the owner of Imperialcars.com in Mendon, Mass. The auction received 282 bids for the scruffy No. 34 David Ortiz jersey. Jim Holzman, owner of Ace Ticket, was rumored to be the winning bidder. Holzman has been on the winning end of a few Red Sox charity items in the past. Most notably Holzman won the famed Theo Epstein Gorilla suit and the FP 1 (Fenway Park 1) license plate. “Although this jersey would have been a great addition to my collection of Sox merchandise, I’m glad to hear its staying local. Mr. Meehan’s bid was very generous and I congratulate him and the Jimmy Fund. They are both winners today”.

“I actually thought it was going to sell for more money,” said Meehan on nbcsports.com. His bid came only in the final seconds of the 7-day eBay auction that ended at 12:30 p.m. “I have three young boys that I take to the games and they would have killed me if I didn’t buy the shirt.”

For his winning bid, Meehan will also receive a new David Ortiz game jersey, two tickets to a Red Sox game in which he will be presented the buried uniform and also a Yankees T-Shirt.

For all of his generosity, the Ortiz jersey will be shipped for free.


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