NY-NJ to Host Super Bowl in 2014

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The $1.6 billion New Meadowlands Stadium was just recently┬áselected as the site for Super Bowl XLVIII. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was proud to make the official announcement yesterday afternoon, saying “It’s a historic moment for the league.” The newly agreed location leaves the slight chance for a complete home game between the AFC’s New York Jets and NFC’s New York Giants.

The projected date for the event is February 2nd, when temperatures usually range from 22-37 degrees. “Obviously it will be cold, but that’s what playing football is all about,” said Giants QB Eli Manning. “I’ve been in the Super Bowl and I’ve been to a couple of Super Bowls and if you’re not in it, the Super Bowl is an event and it’s kind of a place to be and there’s no better place to be than New York City for that vibe and that atmosphere.” Check back for more NFL offseason updates right here at AceTicket.com!


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