Ray Allen Exercises Player Option

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Celtics sharp shooter Ray Allen just recently exercised his player option as part of the two-year deal he signed last off-season in Boston. The all-time three-point champion is set to earn $10 million in 2012 as the C’s make another run at Banner #18.  “This has been my team,” Allen said at his postgame press conference after the Miami Heat eliminated the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. “I have been full steam ahead with this team. I don’t have any plans to go anywhere else.”

Allen averaged 16.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game with the Celtics last season, shooting 49.1 percent from the floor and 44.4 percent from beyond the arc. In 15 NBA seasons, Allen has netted 22,286 points to rank 24th in league history. Check back for more Boston Celtics updates here at AceTicket.com!


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