Pixies Announce 2010 Tour, New Record

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Although the Pixies haven’t released new material since 1991, Doolittle (1989) celebrated its 20th anniversary last year with the announcement of the 2009-2010 European and North American Doolittle tour. Adding eleven more dates to this tour, the Pixies will be playing every song from the critically acclaimed album including associated B-sides and “Doolittle related surprises” in support of the rerelease of arguably their best album.

The famed indie musicians officially disbanded in acrimonious fashion in 1993, after five experimental indie, surfer and sci-fi rock albums. Their back catalogue of typically “quiet verse/loud chorus” songwriting and obtuse lyrical matter would form the template for the alternative rock movement of the ’90s, their legacy championed by fans such as U2, Radiohead, Weezer and Nirvana. Known as one of the best live acts of the decade, the Pixies reunited in 2004 and toured the world to ecstatic reception. After aborting attempts to record a new album in 2008, frontman Frank Black has said that the band are hoping to record an album of new material in 2010 while also stating in interviews that the reunion could be coming to an end.

In June 2009 Black Francis was quoted as saying in the NME that the Pixies would return to the studio to record their fifth full length album some time this year. In addition, he stated that he would like it to be a film and music tie-in project involving a big Hollywood director such as Quentin Tarantino, but would be open to the idea of recording a more conventional album if this project should fall through. Although there hasn’t been too much talk about the progress of this endeavor, the Pixies are coming to Tower Theater in Upper Derby, PA September 7th to begin the new addition of Doolittle tour dates.


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