Blackhawks Claim First Cup Since ’61

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Patrick Kane squeezed the puck past Michael Leighton 4:06 into the first and only overtime period for the Chicago Blackhawks to claim victory over the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3, leading the organization to it’s first Stanley Cup title in 49 years. The shot was unnoticed where only Kane could initially celebrate when he found the net. It didn’t take long for officials to review the play and hand the series over to Chicago.

“I knew it went in right away,” said Kane. “What a feeling. I can’t believe it. We just won the Stanley Cup. I can’t believe this just happened. It’s something you dream about.” The Blackhawks previously lost in the finals six times since their 1975 championship campaign. The 2010 roster would blaze a different path with captain Jonathan Toews leading the way.

The 22-year old phenom racked up 29 points this post-season on his way to earn the Clarence Campbell trophy. In the process he became just the third player in NHL history to win a Gold Medal and Stanley Cup in the same year. “They’re both special in their own way,” said Toews. “To represent your own country, especially Canada, at the Olympics and your home country, that’s something you’ll probably never experience again in your lifetime as a hockey player. That’s pretty cool.” The windy city is set to celebrate downtown tomorrow afternoon. Check back with us at Ace for NHL offseason updates!


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