Celtics Play for Banner 18 in LA

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The Boston Celtics are now just one Game away from their second championship in three years following a hard fought 92-86 Game 5 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers Sunday at the TD Garden. The veteran C’s were led by captain Paul Pierce with 27 points as Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo followed up with 18 apiece. Kobe Bryant finished with 38, including a 19-point take over in the first eight minutes of the third quarter. As Kobe continued his streak, the rest of the Lakers fell stagnant for the Celts to make a crucial run for themselves.

“I just tried to keep telling them, ‘It’s only 2 points each time he scores. It’s not 10,'” said Boston head coach Doc Rivers. “It’s just like if someone else was scoring. I love that our guys for the most part, they understood what he was doing. But we defended everyone else. And I thought it was big.”

Game 6 is set for tonight at the Staples Center with Game 7 reserved for Thursday if necessary. Boston will look to close the series early to avoid giving Bryant and Co. an extra opportunity at home. “Home is always where your heart is,” said Garnett. “With the severity of the game, it’s all-out on both ends for both teams. This will probably be the hardest game of the season, if not of the series, if not of everybody’s career, this game coming up.”

In the history of the NBA Finals, the winner of Game 5 has proceeded to claim victory in 19 of the 25 rounds that have been tied at 2 apiece. Hopefully the Celts will be able to find success on the road as they have all season, similar to the series changing Game 2 W at the Staples Center last week. Celtics vs. Lakers NBA Finals tickets are still available!


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