Wang Theatre to Host Jerry Seinfeld This Fall

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Revamping the old observational humor about the absurdity of everyday life, Jerry Seinfeld’s new standup comedy routine is a mix of mainstream- with rants about relationships, marriage, having kids, American consumerism- and the original- ruthless neuroticism that we’ve come to know and love on Seinfeld. Though coming to Boston, Seinfeld’s 2010 tour is a short one- only hitting seven cities from now to December. With his touring schedules winding down, who knows how many more opportunities there will be to see Seinfeld perform standup.

A Brooklyn-born comedian and television actor, Seinfeld initially worked as a stand-up comic in nightclubs and on television. While Jerry Seinfeld made his televised stand up debut on Johnny Carson and David Letterman in the early ‘80s and became a well known comedian, he is better known for his starring role on Seinfeld, which he also co-created and co-wrote. Inspired by his stand-up routines about life in New York City the show was one of the most successful situation comedies, it featured a collection of neurotic characters obsessed with the fear of commitment and the minutiae of everyday life.

Since the end of the sitcom in 2006 Seinfeld has co-wrote and starred in the children’s Bee Movie, returned to his stand-up comedy roots and authored two books. He is one of the highest paid comedians on the planet and continues to get massive amounts of royalties from the sitcom despite it being off air for years. With two back-to-back shows on September 11th, Jerry Seinfeld is likely to sell out the Citi Performing Arts Center.


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