Possible Phish Reunion Tour Talks Stir

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Almost four years have passed since Phish broke up but recent rumors have begun to spread about a possible reunion tour in the works. In an interview last week with Rolling Stone Magazine, Trey Anastasio dropped a few hints that there is a possibility that the band may be considering getting back together.

“When Phish broke up, I made some comment about how I’m not gonna go around playing ‘You Enjoy Myself’ for the rest of my life. And its so funny because Fish and Mike and Page have been talking to each other a lot lately and now – it’s not that I can’t believe that I said that, but its symbolic of how much I lost my mind or how much I lost my bearings or something. Because at this point in time I would give my left nut to play that song five times in a row everyday until I die. I certainly thought about that while I was in jail.” Anastasio said.

The interview with Rolling Stone took place on May 21st, the same day Anastasio got the good news that he would not be heading back to jail for possession of pain killers without a prescription but rather he was sentenced to probation after successfully completing a drug treatment program.

It’s unclear at this point if the talks are just that or if the band has a real intention of hitting the road to tour again. Regardless, the rumors have Phish fans getting excited in anticipation to see the band perform live on stage once again.

Update October 1, 2008

The Phish reunion is rumor no more. Phish will reunite for three concerts at the very least in 2009 in Hampton, Virginia. Phish announced shows for March 6-8.

Phish tickets are now available.


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