Last Chance to See John Mayer?

By on June 30, 2008 in

Many gossip sites are reporting rumors this week that John Mayer will retire soon. Mayer is apparently content with his current body of work and doesn’t see a need to make anymore music at this time. While a short retirement could be possible, many doubt that we’ve seen the last of John Mayer, especially given his age. Today’s music and concert industry is full of acts who were once considered retired but eventually returned to the scene. Recent reunion tours from the Police, and Van Halen are among the more successful of these tours.

If this is indeed the end for Mayer, make sure you check out the remaining dates of his current tour. At the very least it will be the last time you can catch John Mayer for the time being. We hope he enjoys his time off, much of which will likely be spent with his new gal pal, Jennifer Aniston.

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