Beasley Shines in NBA Summer League Debut

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On Sunday in Orlando, Michael Beasley made the case for why he should have been picked number one in the NBA draft. Beasley looked confident on the floor; racking up 29 points and 9 rebounds in just 23 minutes of play.

“It’s just basketball, man. Played it in college, high school and middle school,” Beasley said in a post-game interview. “The same game, same concepts, the same rules. I was just out there having fun.

Beasley did not seem to be bothered by the cracked sternum he suffered Wednesday in a practice session with the Heat.

“I felt like me, man… I don’t play to get injured, and if it happens it just does. I just go and play.”

Number one pick Derrick Rose, on the other hand, seemed a step behind the game. He seemed tentative and slow in his professional debut, with only rare flashes of the speed and athleticism that the Bulls were expecting


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