LeBron Joins Wade, Bosh in Miami

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2X MVP LeBron James announced that he will join forces with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as part of the Miami Heat franchise on a “made-for-LeBron” live show covered by ESPN last night in Greenwich, CT. “Winning is huge,” said James after his decision. “All three of us are ultimately going to take less money because we wanted to all play alongside each other, and we feel like we can be great together. Hopefully Pat (Riley, team President) and the rest of those guys, Micky (Arison, owner), can bring some guys in to help us out, which we believe.”

Wade and Bosh gave their verbal agreements to the Heat on Wednesday with hopes to have their fellow Olympic teammate play alongside them in the NBA. When no one thought it could be done, Riley was able to pitch his sale to the most celebrated free agent in sports history and bring three super-stars together under his organization. “We are looking forward to the opportunity of building something that our fans in Miami will be proud of for a long, long time,” Riley said. “The journey is just beginning.”

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert had some choice words for James following his decision, saying the former franchise player publicized his free-agent process in “narcissistic, self-promotional” ways. He also went on make a bold prediction that Cleveland will find their way to an NBA title before LeBron can. Miami only has two other players signed under contract aside from their new trio. Keep up to date with the latest NBA offseason deals right here with us at AceTicket.com!


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