Is Brett Favre Un-Retired?

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According to reports from former Sports Illustrated writer, Peter King, it’s expected that sometime over the next week Brett Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, will send a letter to the Green Bay Packers stating that his client (Favre) wishes to be taken off of the NFL’s reserved/retired list effective immediately. If this is true, this could only mean one thing, Favre is seriously considering coming out of retirement to play another season in the NFL.

The now 38-year old had decided to call it quits after a brilliant 2007-2008 season that ended with a very tough loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game. In a voice message to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen in March Favre said, “I know I can still play, but it’s like I told my wife, I’m just tired mentally. I’m just tired.”

Having had four months of rest, it seems like Favre is rejuvenated and ready to go again but with these rumors arising, so has some controversy from within the Packers front office.

Anyone who has followed NFL football over the past 15 years knows just how dominant Favre could be in a game. He was one of the best QB’s when it came down to taking over during crunch time and leading the ‘Pack’ down the field for a late score. When he decided to retire earlier this year, the Packers thanked him for his services but made it very clear that the organization felt it was ready to hand the QB reigns over to youngster Aaron Rodgers.

An entire generation of Packers fans knows nothing but Brett Favre as their QB, so these rumors of a return, on the surface, appear to be too good to be true. The only problem with these loyal Packers fans is that they may also not want to admit that Favre is well past his prime, not nearly as quick in the pocket as he used to be and has lost some power in his throwing arm over the years.

All of these realizations add up to the conclusion that it may not be in the Packers best interest to keep Favre on their roster if he decided to return. If you play the devils advocate on Green Bay’s dilemma, there are not a whole lot of positives that could come out of a comeback.

Best case scenario:
Favre returns to Green Bay, Rodgers gracefully bows to the side for the veteran and he leads the Packers to another Super Bowl title and can officially retire on top. Odds of that happening, slim to none, but the cheese heads can dream.

Worst case scenario:
Favre comes out of retirement and the Packers hand him the starting job after Rodgers had been running the show all off-season. Rodgers requests a trade and is dealt away for a “rental” wide receiver to try and help Favre’s offensive numbers but it’s useless because the 38-year old going on 50 just doesn’t have it anymore and the Pack finish the season below .500 not even qualifying for the playoffs.

A few scenarios that very well could happen:
1) Favre announces he is coming out of retirement but the Packers front office makes it very clear that Rodgers is their guy and that if Favre wants to play for the Packers he will have to earn back his starting role by beating out the youngster in mini camp and the pre-season.

2) Favre makes it clear that he just wants to play and after the Packers tell him that he is not in the organizations future plans he signs with another team that could use a veteran to mentor some younger players and also sell tickets. These markets include Minnesota and Chicago.

A few scenarios that probably won’t happen, but would make the most sense if they did:
1) Doug Flutie calls up Favre and tells him that being a back-up isn’t so bad and Favre decides that he wants to stay in Green Bay and help Rodgers fill his shoes.

2) Farve stays retired not putting about his brilliant career in jeopardy.

The one scenario that will never happen but if it does, I told you so:
Farve calls up Bill Belichick and Tom Brady asking if he can sign with the Patriots to be the “starter”. Two snaps take place in Week 1 before Favre changes a play at the line for a QB sweep. After about a six yard gain, he is crushed along the sideline, having to come out of the game with a “season ending injury” forcing Brady to take over. Brady then goes on to lead the Patriots to another Super Bowl and Favre gets a ring to go out on top with. Hey, ya never know!

One thing that we do know is that Favre seems to be very serious about returning to Pro Football and if that’s the case, nothing will stand in his way.


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