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AceTicket is giving away 2 MVP Level tickets for the July 24th Picnic in the Park at Fenway Park.

What is the Fenway Picnic in the Park? A celebration on the field at Fenway after the July 24th Red Sox game vs the Seattle Mariners. Included is: Forty (40) minute autograph session with Red Sox players in attendance, BBQ dinner on Fenway’s famous outfield, entertainment, goodie bag, and live auction of one-of-a-kind player-donated items and experiences. As part of the MVP package we are giving away you will also get 2 tickets for the July 24th Red Sox game, a baseball signed by a Red Sox Legend, an opportunity to take a photo of yourself with the 2004 and 2007 World Series trophies, and an automatic entry into a raffle with prizes including Green Monster tickets and 2012 Opening Day tickets.

How do I win this MVP package? This is an Ace Ticket – Facebook Contest. First step, if you don’t already, “Like Us” on Facebook here:

Now we want your prediction for tonight’s winner of the 2011 Home Run Derby. Please comment on this Facebook Post with your Home Run Derby Winner and the total number or Home Runs the winner will hit. You can only answer from your account once. If multiple predictions are given we will only count your first guess. If you want to increase your odds team up with a friend or family member and make a couple of predictions. Predictions in the form of “comments” on this FaceBook post must be made between 9am and 8pm on Monday July 11, 2011. Entries past that time will not be accepted.

To win you must first have the player who wins the Home Run Derby correct. The winner will then be determined by the closest to the total number of Home Runs that the winner hits (closest can be over or under the total number hit by the winner). If multiple entries are tied with the correct winner and the total number of Home Runs, a random drawing (with those who have tied) will determine the ultimate winner.

When submitting your answer as a “comment” to this post please start the post with the player’s first and last name and the total number of Home Runs he will hit. So if you think David Ortiz will win and hit 30 Home Runs please start your comment with: “David Ortiz 30”. After your answer you can write additional thoughts in that same “comment” if you wish.

A winner will be announced by 5pm on Tuesday July 12.

National League Home Run Derby Participants:
Prince Fielder – Milwaukee Brewers
Matt Holiday – St. Louis Cardinals
Rickie Weeks – Milwaukee Brewers
Matt Kemp – L.A. Dodgers

American LeagueHome Run Derby Participants:
David Ortiz – Boston Red Sox
Jose Bautista – Toronto Blue Jays
Robinson Cano – New York Yankees
Adrian Gonzalez – Boston Red Sox

Past Winners and Total Numbers Hit:
2010 David Ortiz 32
2009 Prince Fielder 23
2008 Justin Morneau 22


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