Hamilton Belts 35, but Morneau Wins Derby

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Twins first baseman Justin Morneau may have won the Home Run Derby, but the real show came from Rangers centerfielder Josh Hamilton in the first round. Hamilton hit a record 28 homers in the first round, including 502, 504, and 518 foot drives.

Hamilton had the Yankee stadium crowd on their feet, at one point belting homers on 13 straight swings.

Lance Berkman and Ryan Braun made it to the semifinals, with 14 total home runs each. Dan Uggla and Grady Sizemore hit 6, Chase Utley hit 5, and Rays rookie Evan Longoria hit 3.

While Hamilton’s first round was the flashiest, Morneau’s consistency won the contest. After his initial 28, Hamilton could only muster 3 homers in the finals, to Morneau’s 5.


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