Aerosmith Bring The Heat To Boston With Their Global Warming Tour

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Forty years after their beginning as the “Bad Boys of Boston”, Aerosmith is still burning it up on stage. No matter how you feel about the band, or its individual members, you have to give them credit. It was only a few years ago that tensions it the band appeared to reach record high’s, with Steven Tyler joining the judges table on American Idol, Joe Perry publicly mocking Tyler’s decision and drummer Joey Kramer admitting that the band was “talking to some famous singers”, I thought for sure the band would be taking a long, cool break. But, after a blazing set on the opening show of their tour in Minneapolis, it appeared that the band’s fire was still lit (I apologize for all the puns but I just couldn’t help myself).

While most bands from Aerosmith’s period are now just shadows of themselves, they have kept the original lineup for their entire career, no easy feat in any forty year long relationship. With a new album in the works titled Another Dimension, Tuesday’s show at the TD Garden in Boston saw them preform a few new songs but mostly paying homage to their awesome catalog of Rock and Roll classics. Opening the show with “Draw The Line”, the title track from their 1977 album of the same name, they set the pace for what the night was about to bring, launching into “Love in an Elevator”, “Back in the Saddle” and “Livin’ on the Edge”. You get what you expect from an Aerosmith show, at 64 Tyler still shakes and shuffles across the stage, preforming with an energy matched only by fellow senior citizen rocker Mick Jagger. And Joe Perry hasn’t lost any bit of the talent that made him the guitar legend he is, bringing out a lap steel for “Rag Doll” and tearing up his outro solo in “Sweet Emotion” before bringing the band into the pre-encore “Walk This Way”. But credit must be given to the rest of the band; Tom Hamilton lays down the bass groove so thick it makes the floor sticky, Brad Whitford is probably one of the best Rhythm guitar players in the business and Joey Kramer still pounds on the drums, even getting his own designated “drum solo” section of the show.

Aerosmith is a band that delivers, they do not disappoint. Sure maybe you will have to sit (or stand) through some of their extremely cheesy songs from the early 90’s (or even worse “that song” from “that movie” starring Bruce Willis), but that’s what is so great about this band, they play to please everybody who comes to see them. No doubt Aerosmith loves their fans and they’re not afraid to show it. Their encore consisted of “Dream On”, from their very first album and their raw Blues-Rock cover of “Train Kept A Rollin'”.

They come to the TD Garden for night two on July 19 along with fellow Rock veterans Cheap Trick. Judging by their performance on night one, their second show’s sure to be a scorcher (I had to). Find tickets for Thursday as well as other shows here.


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