Coldplay Will Light Up Boston For Two Nights

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On July 29th and 30th, Coldplay will make a two night stop at Boston’s TD Garden and will bring their spectacle of colors and lasers with them. They are one of the biggest bands to emerge out of the 2000’s, maintaining a level of longevity that is not often seen in the music world today. They are also one of the only bands who can still do a stadium tour and bring the proper show with them to pull it off. When listening to their latest release, Mylo Xyloto, it’s easy to hear that these songs were written for the big stage. The album has a more electronic feel than Coldplay have ever had present in their music and the songs are much brighter than those on their last release Viva La Vida. But, they have produced an album that is fun to both listen and sing along to.

Fans going to the show can expect to see the lights and lasers that Coldplay became known for on their early tours and have kept a part of their show. Also present is a color palette matching the artwork on the cover of Mylo Xyloto, bright florescent and pastels with glow in the dark qualities. Other reviews of the show have mentioned confetti cannons and beach balls a la The Flaming Lips and 5 circular video screens behind the band. But probably one of the coolest things that the band is doing is handing out each audience member a light up wristband called”Xylobands”, that is cued to the music throughout the evening Nothing feels better than seeing your favorite band and feeling like your part of the show.

Based on set lists from past shows, their set will heavily feature songs from the newest album but, they also play the favorites from their previous albums, even whipping out “Yellow” their breakthrough single from 2000. Coldplay is one of those bands that people feel they shouldn’t like, maybe because they’re not artsy enough. U2 is obviously their biggest influence and not everyone seems to like that band either (I’m not a fan). But even though I am not the biggest Coldplay fan (I do like Parachutes¬† and A Rush of Blood to the Head) I am a music fan and there is still something very cool to me about seeing a tour that brings more than just the music to the stage. Let’s take for example Kanye Wests’ famous Glow In The Dark Tour or even the Watch The Throne Tour, those were once in a lifetime experiences. Fan or not, when you attended the show that night you sang along to every song you knew. I respect Coldplay, they know that they are so big that they have to play arena shows and they make sure that they put in the details and planning to make it worth the dollar (or pound) their fans paid.

I’m glad that bands like Coldplay are still around just as I am that I can go to an intimate club and see some of my favorite artists for a fraction of the price. But, if you want to witness a part of music history and say that in 2012 you were there for the Mylo Xyloto Tour as you dig through to find your “Xyloband” that you saved, then check them out, you have two chances to.

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