Patriots Interested in Michael Vick?

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has conditionally reinstated Michael Vick, though he will not be able to play in a regular season game until week six. Though twelve teams have publicly voiced that they are not interested in signing the QB, the Patriots seem to be kicking the tires. USA Today, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, and many other sources are all reporting that Bill Belichick would like to use Vick in a single-wing formation; a wildcat offense that would benefit more from agility than from throwing ability. ESPN’s Dan Shanoff goes as far as to speculate that the Pats could be using Vick to test the efficacy of a wildcat offense before going all-in on drafting Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow. Given the Patriots reputation for rehabilitating players’ images, New England could be a good fit; and Tom Brady could use 5-10 snaps off per game as he recovers from major surgery.

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