Trade Talks – Manny to Marlins, Jason Bay to Red Sox?

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On the same day in which Manny told ESPN Deportes that the he loved Boston fans but that “the Red Sox do not deserve a player like me”, the Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Florida Marlins worked tirelessly on a blockbuster trade. The move would send Jason Bay to Boston, Manny to Florida, and Marlins’ outfielder Jeremy Hermida to the Pirates. Bay’s solid numbers would certainly help to fill the hole in the lineup that Manny would leave.

The trade would also include a number of prospects, and possibly cash, so it is nowhere near a done deal yet.  A Sox official confirmed that the deal is in the works, but that “This is anything but done”. Manny did not seem optimistic that the trade would be finished.

“If something happens, it will not be tonight,” said Ramirez yesterday. “And frankly, I don’t think that will ever happen. Let’s wait if something happens before 4 p.m. Thursday.”


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