Phils Lose Despite Disputed Homer

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August 5th, 2008. This was the first day that instant replay was to be tested in the MLB. Just like clockwork, Shane Victorino hit a shot that seemed to have gone left of the foul pole. The umpires got together, discussed what they saw, and called the shot fair. Instant replays on TV clearly showed the ball sailing foul. So why didn’t the umps use the new instant replay system?

They can’t.

The instant replay system test is merely a “watch and wait” deal to see how accurate the camera systems would be. The umpires cannot see anything on the replay cameras until the game is over. Umps will not use any sort of camera system until a plan to smoothly integrate them into the game is hatched.

Phillies starter Jamie Moyer was 10-0 in 10 starts at the Marlins, but got the tough luck loss giving up two runs across five innings. Florida pounded the Phils bullpen for 6 runs in the last three innings of the game to seal the victory, and gain a game on the NL East leading Phils.


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