Mystic Sounds and a Giant Voice: Florence + the Machine

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There’s no doubt that Florence Welch has an excellent, beautiful and gigantic sounding voice able to make you feel both haunted and emotional. When she and her band mate Isabella Summers bring their sound to the Comcast Center on September 14th it’s sure to be a highlight concert of the summer. Their new album Ceremonials, is filled with Welch’s wall shaking voice and excellent compositions. “Only If For A Night” has Welch showcasing her soulful side while singing over a musical narrative that feels like it’s leading you into the foggy woods at twilight. That’s one of the qualities I like about Florence + the Machine’s sound, with the kind of voice Welch has it could easily drift into Celine Dion type pop territory, but the landscape of sounds they use feels like music that can be a soundtrack to a midnight session of howling at the moon. “What The Water Gave Me”, with its sing along chorus, could easily be a sequel to Feists’ “The Water”; both possess the eerie backdrop provided to push the vocals into prominence and make the listener focus on what’s being said as well as how it’s being sung.

No doubt the album maintains a similar soundscape throughout, tribal beating drums, vocal sing alongs and a dreamy layer but, for the 15 tracks you’re sucked into their world. “No Light, No Light” has Welch playing Harp on the track bring an angelic feel to the dark lyrics. This album is the perfect soundtrack to an enchanted forest full of witches and mythical creatures not too far from the Lord of The Rings. Their sound is big, not fit to fill a small venue and I think they will do well at the Comcast Center, getting a chance to play with the elements. Get tickets for the show before they get sold out right here.


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