UFC Soon to Arrive in Boston

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Massachusetts legislation has recently begun the process of opening doors and creating state regulations for mixed martial arts events. When everything passes Ultimate Fighting Championship contests will surely be featured in Boston.  Forty states have already passed laws sanctioning the sport.  The bill will assure that the state collects 4% of ticket-sales revenue for every MMA event that takes place.  For each televised event, the state will collect a maximum $75,000.  “I think that the sport’s growing, and the state is realizing that it is of a veritable financial interest to the state,” said Scott Lockhart (co-owner of MMA gym in Rockland). “I think most people are for it.”

In the past year UFC’s popularity has gone through the roof, averaging $3 million in ticket sales.  If the proposed legislation passes, UFC will promote a major event in Massachusetts for the summer of 2010.  The highly popular sport is making its way to Portland, Oklahoma City, and Dallas in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for more information about UFC in Massachusetts.

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