Jeter Sets New Mark for Shortstops

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Derek Jeter wasted no time surpassing Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio to become the all-time Major League hits leader as a shortstop on Sunday’s game at Safeco Field.  In New York’s 10-3 loss against the Seattle Mariners he came out with a three-hit performance, putting him at 2,675 total hits as a shortstop over his 15-year career with the Yankees.  “It’s amazing what he’s been able to accomplish, and he’s still got a lot of baseball left,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “A lot of guys, when they try to get that record, it takes them a while. It didn’t take him long today.”

Jeter’s record may not stay in place for too long, knowing Texas Rangers shortstop Omar Vizquel is trailing with 2,669 hits.  Regardless of the outcome, Jeter reminds himself to look ahead.  “I don’t ever sit around and look back on anything that we’ve done.  It’s just more of what you can do to try and improve. That’s what you try to do, year in and year out,” said Jeter. “I think being consistent is something that gets overlooked at times, but I think every player strives to be consistent. That’s all you can do.”

The Yankees remain on top of the AL East standings going into a three-game series against the Oakland A’s.  This Friday they will head to Fenway Park to square off against their division rival Boston Red Sox.

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