Patriots, Bengals Preview

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The New England Patriots will host the Cincinnati Bengals tonight at 7:30 for their 2009 preseason home opener at Gillette Stadium.  Quarterback Tom Brady will make his second start after his season ending knee surgery last year.  This past week against the Eagles, Brady threw for two touchdown passes and 100 yards.  As Brady takes the field tonight, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer will still be sidelined from battling an arm and ankle injury last season.  He has been wearing a protective boot and reportedly has been taking snaps again in training camp.  Palmer is quite eager to make a return to the gridiron, saying “It’s just hard to be in training camp but not practice. It’s the best part of the day,” he said. “I just want to be out there practicing and getting better.”

Brady is at a different stage of recovery, knowing he is putting his knee right back out into the field of play. “We like it when Brady just gets to stand there, throw the ball, and he just watches the receivers…We want him just to stand there and hang out.” Pats guard Logan Mankins said. “I don’t know whose guy it’s going to be, but eventually (Brady’s) going to get drilled.”  Brady and the Patriots are still waiting on that initial hit to the legs to really test out if he is 100% okay.

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