BC Eagles Begin 2010 Season at Home

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The Boston College Eagles are scheduled to kick off their 2010 regular season on Sunday, September 4th at home against Weber State. Linebacker Mark Herzlich will be back on the field after a long period of chemotherapy to shrink the cancerous tumor in his left thigh. The 2008 ACC Defensive Player of the Year was further delayed in training camp with a broken foot, but it looks as though he’ll be good to compete again by next week.

“It’s going to be a combination of relief, thankfulness and pride. Like Mark, we’ve been focused on Sept. 4 since he got sick and started to get better,” said father Sandy Herzlich. “It’s something we think about every day, him getting better, but Sept. 4 has always been an easily quantifiable moment, where we’d be beyond the cancer.”

BC will matchup with Ken State for their second game of the season on Saturday, September 11th. The Eagles have been able to outscore Kent State 55-7 in their last two meetings. The Golden Flashes are returning 15 starters to better challenge the Eagles in 2010. Tickets are currently priced at just $3. The best BC Eagles ticket deals can be found here at Ace all season long!


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