Sox Complete the Sweep Against Toronto

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Paul Byrd made his return to the mound and pitched six shutout innings as the Boston Red Sox went on to dominate the Toronto Blue Jays 7-0 yesterday Fenway Park.  Byrd was on the Sox roster at the end of 2008, but wished to spend time with his family for the first half of this season with hopes to be picked up at the All-Star break.  “I feel like my arm has appreciated the rest,” said Byrd. “My arm feels very strong. I just want to stay sharp, and whatever happens with me, happens to me. I want a World Series ring. Any way I can help this team do that, if they need me to clean toilets, I’ll go do that. I’m just excited.”

Blue Jays ace pitcher Roy Halladay struggled on the other end, giving up four runs off seven hits in six innings thrown.  Kevin Youkilis led the offensive campaign for the Sox with two hits and three RBI’s. 

Billy Wagner made his debut from the Fenway bullpen and struck out three in his eighth inning contribution.  “It was great to join the team,” said the six-time All-Star. “Sitting on the bench and wearing the uniform doesn’t put you on the team. You have to earn stripes, and this was a small little stripe to earn and get their confidence and let them see me first-hand and kind of introduce yourself.”

The Red Sox are scheduled to arrive at Tropicana Field for their next series against the Tampa Bay Rays starting tomorrow at 7:08 pm.

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