Patriots Veteran LB Tedy Bruschi to Retire

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Tedy Bruschi, longtime leader of the New England Patriots has recently decided to retire after 13 hard fought seasons and three Patriots Super Bowls. ” Being a Patriot my entire career is something I’m very proud of,” said Bruschi. “There is a sign when you come into this facility that says ‘Do Your Job’. I did my job for 13 years. Now my job is done. My job is done. I’m looking forward to living the rest of my life.”

Bruschi was a definite stand-out player and leader for New England, as he was one of the major components to the teams streak of success this past decade.  The last Super Bowl the Patriots and Bruschi won was in 2005 against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Ten days later he was hospitalized after experiencing numbness in his left arm, left leg and blurry vision and was diagnosed with a mild stroke.  Bruschi’s NFL career was nothing short of remarkable knowing he was able to fight back and return to the team after the extremely unfortunate occurrence.   

Quarterback Tom Brady showed very high praise for his teammate, saying “I think Tedy, it’s all those things. You can’t put Tedy Bruschi into a box. That’s one thing about Tedy. Tedy is a wonderful man, he’s a wonderful person. He’s a wonderful father and husband, and he set an example from the day that I got here on what it means to be a professional athlete and what it means to play for the New England Patriots.”

The Patriots have one last preseason game against the New York Giants before kicking off the regular season in Foxboro verses the Buffalo Bills on September 14th.

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