Bon Iver Will Mystefy The Bank Of America Pavilion

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On Thursday September 13, Bon Iver will grace the Bank of America Pavilion’s stage before they conclude their summer concert series. With a nine piece band backing him, Justin Vernon’s soaring falsetto will surely resonate clear across the harbor. The band has finished their first stretch of touring and will be picking up again on Sept. 10th in Ottawa, Ontario. Then they will make their way to Boston to bring what some critics are calling a “powerful performance.”

When the band hit The Fillmore in Miami Beach back in June, the Miami New Times said, “There was a constant sense of exploration in the performance, a quest for new textures in songs that the devoted have heard countless times.” A towering anticipation for any fan of the band’s two albums, 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago and 2011’s Grammy winning Bon Iver, Bon Iver. On the first record we are introduced to the singer with sparse quiet arrangements, showcasing Vernon’s delicate but intricate voice. On the second album, he upped the arrangements to a full band and brought the listener into a painting creating swirlike movements between songs. The New Times had this to add about the show, “Often, live music is an attempt to approximate something captured in a studio…..Bon Iver in concert is an entirely different creature…the songs are not merely live but living.” Pretty powerful stuff, both inspiring and exciting that a band can take already beautiful music and reshape it in a way best fit for a live audience.

The show on Thursday night is sure to be both memorable and mesmerizing. Be sure to grab your tickets while we still have them or, if your not in the Boston area catch them elsewhere as we’ve got all your need right here!

Here’s a little taste of the band that will be performing with the song “Calgary”


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