Boston Bats Took the Day Off

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Red Sox ace pitcher Josh Beckett was really hitting his spots yesterday against the Chicago White Sox, throwing for six scoreless innings with one blow-up three run block early in the 3rd.  Boston scored the initial run in the 1st inning but were shut out for the rest of the game, resulting in a 5-1 White Sox victory. 

Even though Beckett looked solid from the mound he still had a very displeased look after the game.  “I got outpitched,” said Beckett. “We need to win ballgames right now. That’s what everybody in this room gets paid to do. We didn’t win today.” The man who outpitched him (Mark Buehrle) threw for seven innings as well, giving up the single Red Sox run in the first.

Jacoby Ellsbury decided to come to work on labor day, as he was the only player in a Boston uniform to produce more than one hit along with scoring their only run of the game.  “I’m not going to say he wasn’t good, he was very good,” said Red Sox third basemen Mike Lowell on Buehrle’s outing. “But you almost go back saying, ‘Man I should have hit that pitch, and that pitch,’ because velocity is not a part of his game. It’s back and forth and location. Under those circumstances, I think he did a very good job. You just don’t feel like you got dominated, because you’re not blown away.”

Just 2 1/2 games up on the Wild Card ahead the Texas Rangers, Boston will move on to host the Baltimore Orioles for two games before the Tampa Bay Rays come to town for the weekend.

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