No More Extension Talks for D-Wade

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Miami Heat franchise player Dwayne Wade has decided not to keep talking contract negotiations with the organization as they head into the upcoming season.  “Yeah, that’s no longer a conversation we’re really having right now,” said Wade. “We’ve talked about it all summer. We know where they are — they know where we are. We both want the best. But the focus is only on trying to get better than we were last year. And then we’ll get back to the table and look at everything.”

With this said, Wade openly would like to see where his options are after the season along with LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Amare Stoudemire.  Wade dominated the league in 2008, averaging 30.2 points per game and re-building his strength from his two previous injury filled seasons.  The franchise has offered him (according to NBA sources) around $60 million for a three year extension.

Wade has mentioned before that he would like to finish his career with Miami where he won a championship in 2006.  He and LeBron James have also said that they would like to play together some day, leading us to think that the biggest blockbuster move in the history of the NBA could go down in 2010.  Aside from these two thoughts, rumor has it that he wouldn’t mind playing for his home town Chicago.  Either way, Wade has made it clear that his #1 interest is to fight with the Heat this year with hopes to be top contenders in the Eastern Conference for the 2010 playoffs.

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