Excitement! Science Fiction! And A Killer Drum Solo: Rush At The Garden

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Beloved Canadian rock band, Rush released their latest album Clockwork AngelsĀ  this past June to rave reviews. After 40 years it appears as though nothing is slowing this band down as they hit the TD Garden on October 24. Rush consists of a trio of some of the best musicians around today. Lead singer and bass player Geddy Lee is known as much for his high pitched vocal style as his ability to play multiple instruments at once. Lee can often be seen singing, playing the keys or synth and holding down a bass line. Alex Lifeson, guitar player for the band , has utilized the addition of effects to go along with his signature riffs and unorthodox chord structures bringing the landscape of their songs into vast territories. And then of course there’s Neil Peart, who is hailed as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time and a pioneer of the drum solo. Acting as the primary lyricist for the band his words can be a mixture of literary narrative with cerebral stories crating a certain concept theme.

They will be touring in support of Clockwork Angels, their 19th studio album and one that fans are saying is easily one of their best. Being hailed as a concept album, ultimateclassicrock.com praised the album saying, “…the trio have not only built on the return-to-form that was Snakes & Arrows, they’ve surpassed it.” Rolling Stone gave the album three and a half stars saying that the album is, “frenetic and heavy, low on prog thought puzzles, high on power-trio interplay that could put guys half their age in the burn ward.” Highlights of the album include the title track with Lifeson’s riffs backing up Geddy Lee’s vocal harmonies as they climb higher into the stratosphere. The funky “Seven Cities of Gold” features Lee’s fat bass lines right up front in the mix for the listener to enjoy. And the single “Headlong Flight” utilizes the power of modern rock production bringing crystal clear quality to Lifeson’s heavy riffs and Peart’s thunderous hammers coming down on the drums. Rumor has it that the band may be bringing a string ensemble on tour with them to accompany some of the songs off of this album.

With all this excitement the band feels like they have reached a second wind and I’m sure that energy will carry to the stage. Grab seats for their show at the Garden as well as other locations right here!

Here’s a clip from their “Time Machine” tour last year playing the lead song off Clockwork Angels, “Caravan”:


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