Feed Your Soul With Pretty Lights Live At The Garden!

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Pretty Lights is the brainchild of Derek Smith, a hip-hop producer turned DJ. Pretty Lights rose to fame by releasing his music for free and extensively playing major music festivals like Bonnaroo, Rothbury and Camp Bisco. On October 31st, Smith will bring his blend of funk, soul and hip-hop to the TD Garden for a night of smooth grooves and dance moves. Beginning in the summer of 2009, Pretty Lights began playing more and more music festivals, spreading the name out their and bringing a different element to the ever growing Electronic Dance Music genre. Already having established a fan base by releasing albums on the website for a ‘name your price’ download, Pretty Lights was growing into more than just an artist Smith was also creating a label, Pretty Lights Music, to help sign and promote similar artists.

Self described as “Electro Hip-Hop Soul”, the music, which relies heavily on sampling of classic funk, soul and hip-hop songs is infectious in nature. The way Smith mixes in the slightest snippet of a horn, or a guitar line and combines that with a lyrics from a Biggie Smalls song or Diana Ross while incorporating the staples of electronic music such as glitch beats or heavy bass synth drops is entirely it’s own. Albums such as Falling Up The City Skies and Passing By Behind Your Eyes showcased his ability perfectly blend these genres into a formula that keeps the songs fresh as they move from left brain to right. In 2010 Smith released a trio of EP’s, once again for free and sells the entire catalog on his website.  At one point Pretty Lights included drummer Adam Deitch, performing live with the music creating even more buzz around the artist. Now as a headlining act, Pretty Lights shows incorporate the DJ front and center surrounded by a visually stunning, what else? That’s right, light display. Set up as what appears to be a tower of lights,0 displays range from the classic strobe pulsation to trippy, animation-like shapes and designs. All providing to the experience that is a Pretty Lights concert.

Be sure to catch him as he plays the Garden on Halloween, which is sure to be a show. Grab your tickets right here!


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