The Australian Pink Floyd: The Worlds Most Famous Cover Band

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We’ve all been there, your heading out for a night and unbeknownst to you a band is playing at the bar. Cool right? Maybe. Cover bands, just like cheeses come in many assortments and some of them smell worse than others. But, that’s not the case for the Australian Pink Floyd Show (or Aussie Pink Floyd for short) the worlds most successful cover band. Formed in 1988 in South Adelaide, Australia, the band spent a long time perfecting not only just their sound but their show. The latter being the most compelling part of the band, how they are able to take the experience of a Pink Floyd show, with all the stage props, lights and video and recreate it. The band received it’s big break when in 1993 Pink Floyd fan magazine ‘Brain Damage’ was planning a convention to honor the original band at Wembley Stadium and asked the cover band to perform. They toured constantly to help raise money for the trip and when they finally performed they put on a 3-hour spectacle that cemented the band in popularity and helped them land more gigs across the UK and Europe.

The band continued to grow even more getting recognized by none other than David Gilmour, who was excited to see the band claiming that he had never gotten the chance to see Pink Floyd perform. One thing led to another and the band was invited to play Gilour’s 50th birthday party, getting a chance to play with and for members of Pink Floyd, truly marking a high point in the bands career. As the years progressed the band continued to perform at festivals and began playing albums in their entirety such as The Dark Side of The Moon and Wish You Were Here when their respective anniversary’s came around.

As the band continues to evolve so does their stage show, whether it was incorporation a floating kangaroo, in homage to Animals era floating pig or bringing a 3D element to their show they continue to attract audiences worldwide. On November 10th the band will play at Boston’s Wang Theatre, the perfect venue to house their spectacle of light and music. Be sure to catch all the action of the The Australian Pink Floyd Show !


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