The Killers Are Battle Born and Launching A New Tour

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The Killers have become one of the biggest rock bands in the world and whether your ‘human’ or ‘dancer’ you’ve got to appreciate their classic arena sound. Having just released their excellent fourth studio album, Battle Born, the band is set to embark on tour with a string of sates beginning in the UK and then heading to North America with their first stop being in Colorado in November. The band will make it’s way to Boston on December 17th to play at BU’s Agganis Arena. With such smash hits like “Mr. Brightside” and “All These Things That I’ve Done” The Killers have a sound built for the big stage, with anthems and sing-alongs,  about youthful spirits, broken hearts and with 2008’s Day & Age, a little science fiction. But with their latest record, they have taken the lyrics to telling tales of wild hearts, young rebellion, and the overall dream of escaping the nightmare to that magical place where you can be free and find yourself.

Battle Born begins with “Flesh and Bone” setting the narrative theme of the characters, “A dark horse running in a fantasy” and giving a shout out to the logo on the Nevada flag (same as the albums title). This sets the perfect template for “Runaways”, the first single off the album. A tale of getting out while your still young before life roots you down and you live with regrets (yeah I got all that from the song), dressing the stage for an album that is probably the band at their most Springsteen-esque moment. “Deadlines and Commitments” plays out like a self-help seminar, the chorus “If you should fall upon hard times/If you should lose your way/There is a place here in this house/That you can stay” floats over 80’s style synths and dreamy production. I think lyrically it’s their best effort yet, providing just the right metaphors to vividly paint the scene, take “The Rising Tide”, “The streets of persuasion/Are painted in gold/Your heart’s in the right place/But you traveled down the wrong road”. It’s a great driving record too, there are few moments when you feel as if it’s dragging, not even on the slower songs like the Lou Reed style “Heart of a Girl”.

The band reached superstar status long ago and they appear to be staying at the top of their game. Catch The Killers as they heat up Agganis Arena in December.


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