A Game of Lasts at Yankee Stadium

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The last MLB game played at the old Yankee Stadium happened last night on 9/21/2008 against the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees will finish up their 2008 season on the road and will not make a playoff appearance this year. Sadly that means the old stadium is basically finished. The Yankees went out in style at home though, with a great pre-game ceremony featuring some great Yankees from the past including Yogi Berra and Reggie Jackson. They also managed to close out the Stadium with a 7-3 win over the Orioles.  At the conclusion of the game, captain Derek Jeter addressed the crowd and led the Yankees in a walk around the Stadium to honor the fans.

The soon to be famous “Lasts” at Yankee Stadium:

Last Game Played at Yankee Stadium: 9/21/08 Yankees beat Orioles 7-3.
Last Homerun at Yankee Stadium: Jose Molina 2 run homer in 4th inning on 9/21.
Last Strikeout at Yankee Stadium: Recorded by Phil Coke of the NYY against Aubrey Huff, 7th inning.
Last Out Made at Yankee Stadium: M. Rivera pitching, Brian Roberts grounded out to first base.
Last Run Scored at Yankee Stadium: Sac fly by Robinson Cano in 7th inning, B. Gardner Scores.

Other Notes: Andy Pettite recorded his 2,000th Strikout in the game. The Yankees are technically not eliminated from the playoffs with their win last night.


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