The Gaslight Anthem Pack A Punch In Their Live Show

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Touring off the release of their excellent and first major label release, Handwritten, The Gaslight Anthem are proving that there’s still some heart left in rock & roll. The New Jersey born and bred band has been touring hard this year even before the record was released. They will be finishing up some dates in the U.S. before heading to Canada and Europe and then back to the U.S. to finish up their tour. The new record, Handwritten, is a welcomed return to the band’s previous sound that brought them to the hearts of American punks and poets. On albums like Sink or Swim and The ’59 Sound, the band showed that they could take their influences (Springsteen, Hot Water Music, Tom Petty) and blend them with punk rock roots and a steady appetite for Americana imagery.

With their latest release, and first on Mercury records, Handwritten, shows that even though the production may be beefed up, their sound won’t change. After 2010’s stagnant American Slang, I was wondering what had happened to that hardened sound that I had come to love so dearly. From the first track, “45” the album get’s off to a good start with pounding drums and guitar riffs which slams nicely into “Handwritten”. And the album doesn’t slow down from there, “Mulholland Drive” and “Too Much Blood” offer up the romance noir lyrics lead singer Brian Fallon is known for. Then there’s “Mae”, with her “Betty Davis eyes” we see Fallon stretching his vocal ability into the sky and succeeding. The only quiet moment comes during “National Anthem”, a solo Fallon finger picking on his guitar quietly singing “I never will forget you my American love”, a great end to a great album.

The band heads to the Boston House of Blues on November 26th and are sure to bring the energy with them. They are know for inducing crowd sing-alongs and putting everything they have into their set. Catch all the action up front and center right here!


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