Varitek Close to Finalizing Job with Red Sox

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Former Boston Red Sox captain Jason Varitek is close to taking a new job with the organization. He confirmed with reporters that he’ll “be involved” with the team come next season, but avoided any speculation regarding the manager position possibly opening up in the near future. 

Varitek’s old teammates answered without hesitation on whether they thought the 15-year Red Sox catcher would be fit to take over as manager. “Tek’s such a great leader,” said Kevin Millar. “He’s got that fire, he’s like Johnny Unitas. That’s my nickname for him. Old flat-top. He has a great presence. Is it too soon? I don’t know, if I think he’s the right guy, I bring him in.”

Sources state that Varitek is likely to be named a special assistant to general manager Ben Cherington. Although he has expressed interest in becoming a manager one day, it doesn’t appear that Varitek will be filling the role at this point in time. Check back for additional Boston Red Sox updates.


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